WPX Hosting Review + 67% Discount Coupon 2020: Working (Updated)

The founder of the Traffic Planet Hosting is an Australian Entrepreneur named Terry Kyle.

The WPX hosting change was coined as the WPX Hosting in 2016 of October and offered the Coupon that can be used to have discounts on the services.

Features of WPX Hosting

WPX Hosting is well known for its services because of the designed. Here are the lists of the features of the WPX Hosting coupon

Amount of the Storage Capacity in WPX Hosting

We can get 10-40 GB depending on what category that we will use the WPX Hosting.

Size of the Databases

We can have unlimited size of the database so that we will have enough data connection.

If there is a new user, it will provide their link so that we will be able to know the available size of the database.

Number of Emails

When we use the WPX Hosting, we can send 50 items of emails for about 30 minutes.

Managing files at WPX Hosting

It is necessary to create our own FTP account so that we will use the File Manager in the WPS to arrange your files.

WPX offers free website backups

It will help us to have a copy of our important files, and it will place the stored files into external servers so that it will not consume our storage capacity.

We are not going to pay for the restoring back up of our files.

Create Manual Backups and 28-day automatic backups

In creating the manual backups are simple because you just need to click the button that says “Create a new personal back up.”

Automatic Malware Removal in the WPS Hosting

It is effective so that you will be aware if there is an infection detected so the WPS hosting will make an action to remove the software that has a virus.

Adding a New Domain/Website to WPX

We need to have the free domain name so that you can create the website. You need to type your domain name in the domain registrar.

Then, you need to fill up the details in the left menu.

Pricing and Support

  • The WPX Hosting Web Packages can offer us the unlimited storage space and a free domain to use so that we can apply for the coupon code.
  • If you didn’t enjoy the services of the WPX hosting Web Packages, the Company would allow us to get back the money as long as it is within the 30 days guarantee.

Plans in the Web Hosting Packages

  • The Company starts with the storage capacity of 10 GB, 100 GB bandwidth or transmission of the data over a period of time, and the web hosting can host a website from one to five.
  • Web hosting has the improvement such as the 40-storage capacity, the infinite transmission of the data over a period of time.
  • It added good features for the user, such as the better backups and better tools.

Advantages of the WPX Hosting

The WPX Hosting will provide your needs, and you will feel satisfied, so here are the lists of the benefits that we can have as the WPX Hosting users:

 Site Speed

The loading times are fast so that you can easily access multiple websites so that we will feel better because you will easily be done your tasks.

Local Capacity

If we are the WPX Hosting, we will be able to respond easily to the inquiries of the many costumers in your multiple websites. It can ensure that there will be an effective way of marketing online.

99.95 % Uptime guarantee

The WPX hosting will allow us to be updated if there are problems with the site and when it is ready to use again.


The tools are designed for the ease of our users so that we can design our websites to increase the number of sales in our business.


If there is a problem with our hosting, we can receive a quick response so that we will not feel stress in fixing our hosting in order for us to continue what we are doing with our websites.

30 days money-back guarantee         

The payment you’ve made is worth it because it has a good quality of features and services and if you do not enjoy in the service, you can get back your money within the time frame of 30 years.

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WPX Hosting Coupon

The WPX Coupon is called as the “Promo Code” that will give us a discount or free services.

Having a coupon in your hand will provide a free access to the services offered by the WPX Hosting.

Here are the tips to get and use the WPX Coupon:

Reveal Coupon  

We need to copy and paste the “Reveal Coupon” so that we can have the confirmation code of the coupon so that we can have free service for two or more months.

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Steps in Getting a Coupon


We need to visit the website of the WPS Hosting so that we can find the discount link and then click it.

Start Now

We need to click this so that we can see the details on the page about the discount or free services.

Hosting Plans

There are multiple hosting plans, so you need to choose wisely.


We can register by simply choosing our domain name or create a new one.

Billing Cycle

We need to choose the billing cycle that has a relation to your daily budget so that you will make it pay continuously.

Checking of the Hosting Offer

After filling up of all the details, you need to check if you already have a confirmation code via email so that you can decide what to purchase.


After the free services that are applied to our cart so that we will be able to use the free services immediately to enjoy ourselves.

Web hosting is highly recommended because it has the best features that are worth the amount of money you are going to spend. It also offers the Web hosting coupon so that it will increase your interest to be part of the web.

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