Wix Review + 72% Discount Coupon 2020: Working (Updated)

The manager of the Wix Company is the one who came up with the idea of designing the tools and features that provide us the excellent services, so it became popular. To increase the number of users, it offers discounts and free services when we have the Wix Coupon

Features of Wix

There are different tools that help us in our daily life as an entrepreneur or as a customer. Here are the lists of the Wix tools:

  • Marketing tools

 It will help us to improve the company strategy in promoting their products.

  • Financial tool

It provides the details of the prices of the items and determines the number of order products.

  • Communication tools

It has language translation so that all the people with a different language can understand the description of our website.

  • Builder Tools

We can use these tools to drag-and-drop so that we can create and design your website.

  • Wix App Market

It provides us the list of items that can we purchase and it can help us to have the blogs to post details and photos.

  • Customizable Designs

We can view the details either big or small.

  • Page Protection

It has high security to avoid hackers from using our page.

Reason to Use the Wix

The Wix will provide us the best services so here are the lists of the reasons why we choose the Wix review

  • Easy to use

It will ensure that there are multiple templates available and we will feel have ease in the features of the Wix because it is made easy for our convenience. We can also open the Wix using our phone.

  • Free

The services and the templates offered are updated.

  • Easy Customizable

We can customize our page easily.

  • Updated features and tools

It is updated so that we will know the newest trend every day.

  • Easy Walkthrough Process

If you are a new user in the Wix application, there are some Wix guides that can help us to know how the Wix app works like getting a coupon and creating the page.

  • Page Design

 There are new features and templates that we can use to make your website more attractive. We can also create the best layout that is good for the restaurant, stores, and photographers.

Advantages of the Wix

The Wix has good features so it will give us excellent services such as the:


The Wix has an excellent template that we can select so that it can arouse the interest of other people to visit our page.


The flexibility of Wix can help us to move the photos in different angles, and it can also help to improve the small pixel to have a great quality of photos.


We can add animations to our text and pictures on the page to make it interesting.

Access Multiple Website

It will be easy for us to access multiple websites app that can be useful to our business website.

Multiple Designs

Wix can help us to choose some designs that can be great for your website.

Backup Files

We can have the automatic back up of our important files.

24/7 Support

If we have the problems with our page, the Wix app can help us to solve the problems into our website immediately.

Steps in Using the Wix

It is important that we how the Wix works so that we will be able to do our tasks faster. Here are the steps on using the Wix:

  • Signing Up

We need to create an account so that it will be easy to use the tools and know the features that can help us to create your website.

  • Choosing the hosting template

 There are multiple options of the template so we can pick the best one that can make our website attractive.

  • Customize

After choosing the template, we can easily customize the details or pictures from smaller to a bigger view.

  • Add Products

We can add products with the use of our commerce option so that it will be posted; to present all of the details of the items using our website is an effective way of marketing.

  • Free Domain Name

We can have a free domain name so that we can apply to have the Wix coupon because we can purchase to the other marketing pages into a lower price.

  • Publishing

 The website made can be published so that the people will be able to purchase the chosen items and can help us to determine the performance of our website.

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Steps to Create Your Price Discount Using the Wix Coupon

In order for us to have a coupon code, we need to apply its licensed websites so that we will have the chance to have the Wix Coupon in our hand that is why we to follow the steps that are listed below:

Search the Website of the Wix               

We need to open it and click the “new coupon” tab.

Fill up the Form

The form must consist of the details such as amount of the discount, Wix coupon code, name of the coupon, the discount percent and click the apply button from the menu.

Choose the Products

We need to select the products that can apply our coupon code so that there will be a discount. If we purchase multiple products, we can have discounts per products so we can save money.

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Use of Coupon Code

We need to set the validity of our coupon by entering the start and end of the use of our coupon.

We can consume the discount immediately before its expiration date.

It is important that we type web the number of times we are going to use the coupon code and choose if we want to have limited or unlimited use of the coupon.

The Wix is software that was perfectly designed for the company to ensure continuous success and for us who want to free services or purchase with discounts using the Wix Coupon.

The Coupon has multiple application such as purchasing the products that match our coupon code, purchasing the specific product or the collection of the products with the lower price.

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