The 10 Best Online Tools for Checking Plagiarism or Content Theft

Plagiarism is one of the most serious problems that worry writers. Millions of online content are published every day, so it’s hard to ensure that no one copies or steals your written works.

To help guard against any form of content theft, plagiarism checker tools were developed.

These tools help detect duplication and unauthorized republishing of any published content. This can help writers protect their careers and avoid copyright infringement issues.

Aside from writers, checker tools can help teachers. Teachers are responsible for checking their students’ paperworks.

By using plagiarism checker tools, they can detect if any of their works have been copied or stolen from other works.

Many checker tools are available for free or for a fee.

This makes choosing which to use more challenging.

To find out which online checker tools are the most reliable, check out the list below.

Best Online Checker Tools

  1. is more than just a grammar checker and proofreader tool. It is also by far the best plagiarism checker trusted by prestigious universities in the US.

Grammarly has a record of billions of webpages in their database.

It can perform thorough and extensive checking of documents, articles, and research papers. When you use this online tool, you can be sure to rely on its accuracy in detecting duplicate content.


Whitesmoke Plagiarism Checker is the best fit for teachers. It has cross-platform integrations for MS Word and Outlook so it can scan documents without pasting the text on the browser.

This feature makes the checking of essays and research papers easier and faster.

Whitesmoke also has billions of webpages in their database. It can also check for grammar and spelling errors, which makes it a good writing and editing companion.

  1. is dedicated to providing teachers and students the best checker tool. It uses a sophisticated system in scanning content.

Whether it’s an essay, research paper, or manuscript, this tool can perform thorough and accurate checking. With the help of this tool, students can detect unintentional plagiarism in their works before submitting them.


If you’re a professional literary writer, would be your best partner. It can scan novels, manuscripts, and other literary works for any plagiarized content.

It is perfect for editing your final drafts before publishing.


Copyscape is one of the oldest and most popular plagiarism checker tools. It’s favored by bloggers and web writers because it can scan webpages in seconds for free.

Plus, its WordPress Plugin makes it the most accessible tool for WordPress bloggers. But even though it remains popular for websites, it’s not the best tool for teachers and academic writers.


For teachers and content managers who need to check a steady stream of written projects, is highlgy recommended. It is a free tool that can scan texts in seconds.

You can also upload whole .doc files for scanning pages of texts. Students can use this as well for checking their projects before submitting them.


Plagium can work in two different ways. In the free version, it checks your writing for duplicate content by comparing it to other content published across the Internet.

In paid versions, you can upload two documents and compare them to detect any similarity. It also features the creation of institutional accounts that allow access to different users.


A highlight feature of is that it supports multi-language checking. Besides English, it can check plagiarized content in German, Spanish, Italian and French.

It is one of the best checker tools recommended for teachers, publishers, and writers.

  1.’s Plagiarism Checker is another reliable service for writers and teachers alike.

It can scan and detect duplicate content across the Web, as well as check for grammar and spelling errors. SmallSEOTools is an all-in-one platform that every writer should have handy.


The DMCA Scan can help writers and publishers protect their published works. It checks the Internet for any duplication of your content so you can guard against piracy.

It also warns you if duplicate content is found in your own writing, so you can avoid penalties from search engines.


These 10 websites are by far the best online tools for detecting plagiarism. Though some may not be free to use, the reliable protection that comes with the features is worth paying for.

After all, what’s important is to prevent content theft and protect your work.

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