InMotion Hosting Review + 69% Discount Coupon 2020: Working (Updated)

InMotion Hosting is the best web hosting provider that is a great choice to improve our pages. It will also provide us the tools and service at a low price.

Features of InMotion Hosting

Here are the lists of features that are unlimited:

  • Domains & Websites per VPS

With the use of the domains, we can have many free domains. We can host multiple websites as long as we have the VPS.

  • MYSQL Database

We can add many features and create more applications on our own website.

  • Individual cPanel Sub-Account

We can resell our hosting plan to other people.

  • Email Accounts

In order to have multiple accounts, we can create many accounts.

Advantages of InMotion Hosting

Use Inmotion hosting coupon to save money.The InMotion has a good feature, so we need to know the list of its benefits that are listed below:

Support 24/7

The InMotion is always available so we can ask to help them by having a live chat with the representative so that we will be able to solve the problems.


We can connect our gadget to our InMotion account so that it will automatically backup our files. It will help so that we can store our files safely.

Ease of Use

The InMotion designed simple and easy tools that we can use to create a beautiful website. We are not going to design a template of our page because there are lists of templates that we can select.

Load Times

The loading times with InMotion is faster, so we can easily access our multiple websites and give a quick response to the visitor’s inquiries.

Install WordPress

We can easily add features to our website that can help to improve our page so that there will many people who will visit our pages.

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Steps to Install WordPress on InMotion Hosting

Here are the steps to install WordPress using the Softaculous:

  • Sign in

We need to sign in into our InMotion Hosting Account.

  • Click on the cPanel Button

The cPanel can be seen below of our account name. Clicking the Panel Button will allow us to sign in to the cPanel.

  • Click the Link, Icon, and Button

We need to click the softaculous link, the icon of the WordPress and the Install button so that we can go to the next page which is filling out the details.

  • Fill out the Installation Details

We need to fill out the details of your websites and then, click the Install Button.

Changes into our Settings

This is the page that we need to make changes into the following settings:


We need to choose from the protocols where we want to open WordPress.


We need to choose the domain name to install WordPress.

Install in Directory

We can install a subfolder on our website by typing the file name of our folder.

Site name and Site Description

The Search engines will easily know what our page is all about when we the site name and its description

Enable Multisite

To ensure that no one can access our own website, we need to enable the multisite by not checking the box.

Admin Username, Email, and Password

All of these are necessary so that we can have the tools that can manage the information.

Select Language            

We need to choose our own language to install in our WordPress.

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InMotion Hosting Coupon

It is the exclusive discount that we can have through applying for the site of InMotion Hosting.

Steps to get the inMotion Hosting Coupon

To get the InMotion, we need to know the following steps:

Site of InMotion Hosting

Since we are the users of the InMotion Hosting, we can easily check that applied discounts into the site of InMotion Hosting. In the site, we need to select our preferred hosting plan and click the “Order Now” button.

Domain Name

If we already have a domain name, we just need to type it into the bar and click the “Continue” button while if we don’t have the domain name, we need to click the register option.

Configure Data Center

We need to select the data center that is near to our location.

Select the Content Management System (CMS)

We need to choose the Content Management System that we need to install in our own site. The CMS has the WordPress that we can install on our website so that we can many features that is helpful in designing and creating new websites.

Steps in Using Our InMotion Hosting Coupon

It is important that we know that following steps so that we can create and manage our website:

Choose a Hosting Plan

We need to visit the website of the hosting plan and compare the lists of the hosting plan so that we can choose the best hosting plan.

Choose the Domain Name

There are two options in the page of the domain name such as “register a domain name” or “already have a domain name.”  We need to select the option so that we can proceed to the next page.

Configure Our Hosting Plan

We need to select the data servers that are near our place and select if we want to install a WordPress.

Create Our Hosting Account

We need to enter our email account and click the “Continue Button.”

Fill out our Account Details

We need to fill out our personal details and select our payment method to use.

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Advantages of InMotion Hosting Coupon

Here are the benefits that InMotion Hosting Coupon:

Attract Customers

Our marketing websites can easily reach many customers and increase their purchase of your product online.

Minimize Costs

We can have a free services or discounts so that we can save some money.

Multiple Accounts

We can create multiple accounts to have many websites and have multiple discounts.

The InMotion Hosting will provide us with the good quality of services.

It offers an exclusive discount using the InMotion Hosting Coupon that make up for the success of this hosting.

The features of InMotion Hosting make us feel satisfied as a user.

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