How To Create a High Quality Blog That Will Rank Fast In Google

Welcome comrades maybe you are planning to embark on the journey of blogging. That’s why our rendezvous happened.

In this article, we are going to unravel the intricate layers of the blogging in layman terms.

Here you can take away the plethora of open secret to become the wizard of blogging. We know you must have a proclivity of reading, writing and exploring new words.

Now, you wanted to use these repositories to enthrall the masses by creating a high quality blog.

Let us know the definition of a high quality blog. The high quality blog is one having the following features:-

  • Thousands of newbie enter the world of blogging. But not many sustains. So our blog must be better enough to retain readers.
  • The better blog is an amalgamation of text and pictures. If you fill more text and not enough images it will make it boring.
  • The better blog is very well organized starting from introduction, subheadings, and conclusion. It soothes the eyes of the reader without reading much.
  • It should be free from grammar mistake and packed with amazing words.
  • Heading should be seizing the attention of a reader.
  • It should replete with well-researched points, ideas, and facts. So that it can bring back the readers.

Now, you became intimate with the definition of a better blog. You get the blueprint of the blog. This is very much necessary to outline your blog either in mind or on a paper.

This helps you to keep on a track. Okay, now not taking your much time. We are moving on to see the important tips to create a better blog.

1. Follow your passion-

Oh, here also?

Yes, my friend. In the field of bogging with intense competition, you must create your own niche. As this can only be done by following your passion, exploring the things you have a liking.

Because that is the only place you are good at. You have to create a blog that suits your passion.

It may be related to your love for basketball, music, arts, literature, vocabulary. Or it may be related to motivation, fashion, current affairs, history etc.

2. Knowing your reader’s taste-

You have to write exactly what your readers want. There likes, dislikes, why they are here to read etc.

You have to provide them the clear-cut answers to their questions. In this way, you can build a good connectivity and rapport with your audience.

3. Replete blog with suitable keywords and catching rubric-

To utilize the SEO (search engine optimization) effectively, you must brainstorm on selecting the suitable keywords. It will cater to uplift the traffic towards your blog.

Put yourself in the shoes of the reader and jot down the keywords you type in the search Without exploiting the SEO your blog can’t gain popularity in the minds of people.

This is the simplest way to know the keywords. Also, the rubric of your blog should be catching enough.

This can bring more vehicles in your restaurant. That means enticing heading will bring more readers to your blog.

4. Keep it crisp and spacey-

Writing in a succinct form keeps the audience with you till the climax of the article.

Otherwise, even before the interval, there may be a departure of many. So you have to write in a short and spacey. It should be appealing to your eyes as a reader.

You must know that most of the readers are in haste.

So presenting them in the crisp form can help to retain them.

5. Proofread and check facts before publishing-

As cells are the building block of the body. In the same way each word, each line is the foundation of your blog. That way before publishing we have to foster each line by proofreading.

I know this is a taxing task, but this can enhance the quality of your blog.

Also, check the facts which you have mentioned. This will brings credibility to your articles.


So up to this time, we are able to understand the definition of a better blog, then go through the 5 important points to make our blog awesome.

Now we can assure you that after getting through this article, you can create an amazing blog where people can park their interest.

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