The Ultimate Guide to Brand Your Blog or Website For Free & Fast

It is always a blogger’s dream to have an amazing blog, a loyal group of subscribers and ultimately, be recognized for the work one does.

How cool would it be if people instantly become interested in reading an article on seeing your name mentioned as the author!

It would just give all the meaning your work needed. But you also do realize that not everyone who is in the blogging world can get to that position.

And the ones who have got to the pinnacle know well that it isn’t some magic that worked overnight.

Giving yourself and your blog the status of a brand in itself is a long, laborious journey which takes off with a few simple things.

In the course of this article, you will see how a brand is furnished and what you need to do in order to get to that position.

Smart And Steady Win The Race!

Well, thanks to technology, the nature of maintaining a blog or a website give you enough freedom to embark upon several paths to get to the beautiful destination.

  • It is of absolutely no use if you write something random about some topic that popped up into your crazy head.

Before writing an article or projecting the genre of your blog or website, do your part of the homework and look at what the majority of netizens are interested in reading about. There are several software and sites that help you look at reliable statistics of the same. Choose something that is in the current trend and has been here for a long time. This will help your articles stay relevant. After all, who are you writing for?

  • Create and project a style of writing and narration that is unique to you.

Look for what you are comfortable in and make it your medium of conversation with the readers. This definitely builds a personal bond with them. It’s almost like when you read a close friend’s texts, you tend to read it in their voice. A voice that marks your presence!

  • Do not always write things from a third person perspective.

As in, the reader should not feel that you are just preaching. Consider trying what you preach for a change. Put in your personal experience and see what magic it weaves around them. A bit of blood and sweat perhaps won’t hurt.

Well, with these basics you can quite well create a brand of your own but again, there are a few more things that can make your work easier and more effective.

Taking Care Of The Technicalities

One of the major things that can make or break your dream is the design of your page. To lay it down straight, keep the page layout, design and animation simple and clear.

The reader must be able to navigate around to various features and posts easily without having any trouble. Select a theme that goes well with your genre.

If you are based on stuff that is more informative, let the page be sober.

It is something that is really funky and entertaining, let the design of your page reflect it!

Many bloggers make their page fun by adding interactive elements. Also, keep in mind to be consistent in terms of posting content and staying in contact with your followers.

Keep posting images from your daily routine, anything unusual even if it is different from what you usually write on.

Do not stick to just one social media platform and spread your wings out to as many followers as possible.

All these ideas are great but only when you bring them into proper action and stay with what you are doing. It usually takes a minimum of 6 months to click in the business.

Perseverance here is the key to fame and success. With all these key ideas, you can surely get into the top of the search result list on google.

Isn’t that quite appealing?

Well, this is a field that is as dynamic as life itself.

It will ask the best of you in order to reward you with the best.

What are you waiting for?

You got the ideas, you are set on the goal, all you need to do is go ahead head first!

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