Dreamhost Review + 82% Discount Coupon 2020: Working (Updated)

Dreamhost is a shared hosting service that is well-known for doing the tough work into the simple wok of web hosting. It also offers the Dreamhost Coupon that will provide us great free services and has high security to ensure our own privacy.

Features of the Dreamhost

The DreamHost will provide us the best features which include the:

  • Custom Dashboard

The dashboard is also known as the command line interface that allows us to manage the main services, which includes the computing, configuring of the network and creating bigger storage.

  • One-click Automatic WP Install

 WordPress can be installed in the Dreamhost panel, and we will have the extra features. Before installing WordPress, we need to make sure that we have the domain name that the features which are fully hosted. Best discount on dreamhost wordpress hosting with Dreamhost coupon

Here are the steps in installing WordPress in our Dreamhost:

Installing WordPress at the Dreamhost

It is necessary that we login into our panel so that we can go to the One-Click Install Page.

  • One-Click Installs

We need to choose the “WordPress” that are provided in the lists of the one-click installs.

  • Selection of Domain

We need to choose the domain that we want to install and place it into the secondary director.

Select the database

  • The DreamHost has the feature of Automatically Create Database, so all we need to do is compare the lists of the database in order for us to select the best.

Deluxe Install

  • We need to check the box in the Deluxe install so that that can have new tools to enhance our old features.

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Log into the Word Press Site

  • There is an email that will send into our Dreamhost account after the installation of the WordPress which consists of making it happen for our Dreamhost to use it in our own page.
  • Automatic WP updates

We need to update our WordPress because it will provide us extra features that can we used to improve our shared web hosting.

  • Unlimited Storage and Cloud Storage

We can successfully upload many files because the Dreamhost has unlimited storage. It has the cloud storage plans that allow us to upload images, store our files and backup the sites of WordPress.

  • Word Press Hosting

WordPress is a Content Management System that is an open-source that we can have full control of our own multiples websites.

Advantages of Using the and Updating WordPress Hosting

WordPress is well known for its multiple benefits in using its platform. Here are the lists of the reasons why we choose the services of WordPress:

Using the WordPress

  • WordPress is Free and Open Source

It is free to download WordPress, and we can add features that are compatible that is useful to enhance the functions that we can use to our own websites.

  • The Platform is Beginner Friendly and Easy to Learn

WordPress provides us information how the platform works so that we can easily learn and use the tools easily.

  • Extend the WordPress Using Themes and Plugins

We can download separately the themes, and plug is so that we can make our website unique and reach many people.

  • Security is Taken Seriously

WordPress can make our site more secure.

  • Monitoring our Site is Simple

The progress of our site can be determined easily.

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Updating Our WordPress

  • Security

In updating our files, it can help us to automatically improve the security of our WordPress and will provide us the study guide about the source code.

  • Cool New Features

We can have new WordPress that we can use online, and there are new tools that can use to make our installed WordPress to be faster and highly secured.

  • Unlimited Bandwidth

As we can see, the bandwidth of the Dreamhost has a good performance since it has fast loading times.

  • Free Solid States Drives (SSDs)

It can load the websites so that we can easily get the data and stored into the microchips easily.

Advantages of the Dreamhost

The Dreamhost has the best features so that we will have the best services that are listed below:

  • Multiple Security Features. We can have the tools that we can use to have high security in our account and websites.
  • Extensive Domain-Management Tools. It will help us to manage and built our website.
  • Generous Money- Back Guarantee. The money that we pay to the Dreamhost money can be refunded when we didn’t enjoy the services offered as long as it is within the time frame of 30 days.
  • Top Customer Service. The Dreamhost can ensure that we will have the best services whenever we continue as a Dreamhost user.
  • 24/7 Support. We can contact the representative of the company if there is something wrong with your Dreamhost account and page.

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Dreamhost Coupon

The Dreamhost Coupon provides us with a discount or free services.

Steps to Apply for Dreamhost Coupon

In order for us to have the Dreamhost Coupon, we need to use the following steps:

  • Visit the Dreamhost Website

It is the first thing that we need to do so that we can choose the best hosting plan. After selecting, the hosting plan, we need to click the Sign up now button so that we can go to the next page, which is the creating of account.

  • Domain Name

The next thing, to do is to enter our domain name. If in case, we don’t have the domain name, we can search a new domain name that we want.

  • Time Frame of the Hosting Plan

We can select days, months, or years in paying for our Hosting Plan.

  • Fill up the Form

We need to type our personal and credit card details so that we will be recognized and know what payment method that we will use.

  • Apply Dreamhost Coupon

We need to click the “Place Order Now” button so that our application for the coupon will be processed.

In choosing the Dreamhost is the best because it has good features that can help to improve our blogs or websites. It gives us the tips to get the coupon so that we will have discounts on the shared web hosting.

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