Cloudways Review + 89% Off Promo Code 2020: Working (Updated)

Cloudways Company has an outstanding reputation because it will offer us good quality services. It will also help us to have the details in order for us to apply to get the Cloudways Promo Code to experience to access the services for free.

Features of Cloudways

The following are the lists of the features that make the Cloudways be on top:

Go Live in Minutes

The Cloudways will provide us simple tools so that we can create our own website easily and faster.

Managing Like a Pro

The Cloudways Hosting Company will help the small business to have its own web app to ensure the progress of the company.

Scale to Success

The services of the Cloud way will help us to have high security to our business website.

Multiple Web hosting of the Cloudways

Signing up to the single hosting plan can allow us to efficiently host our multiple websites that were created for our business, so here are the steps:

Sign Up

We need to visit the page so that we can sign up to apply for one hosting plan.


Click the Add New Website tab so that we are the one who is going to choose on how many websites to add in our account.

Domain Names

We also need to make sure that you know the domain names of the account so that you continue to host your multiple websites and have full access to your websites.

Cloudways Promo Code

There is a coupon known as, which will give us service for about three months for free. To experience the promo, we simply need to apply through the use of our account and adding the Promo code.

Benefits of Cloudways Promo Code

Cloudways Promo Code can help you to enjoy so here are the services that can offer to the users:

Cloudways free trial

They will give us free trial so that we will know the good quality of the Cloudways services so that we will be encouraged to be part of the Cloudways.

Cloudways coupons and details

Cloudways can give us the details so that we can apply for the coupons so that we will experience free services for one month.

Vultr coupon code

There are different coupon codes that we will have as long as you apply so that we will enjoy the free services for a month. We will be given the opportunity to access all the services.

Vultr gift code

To verify the gift code, we will to give the pin number of the credit card that can be given to our family members or friends.


The Cloudways can help us   to have the discounts in their services so that will fully enjoy and at the same time, we can save some money. We suggest you before making purchase read Cloudways review to know everything about cloudways.

Steps to use the Cloudways Promo Code

The following are the steps to get the Cloudways Promo Code:


It is important that we look for the website of the Cloudways through the activation link.

Green Button

If there is a green button that has the three words saying “Get Started Free,” we need to click it, and there will be presented a screen that contains the details about the managed cloud hosting platform.

Fill up the details

We need to fill-up the form with our email, password, and the descriptions of self like blogger. After that, we are going to click the promo code so that we can see what kind of coupon that is suitable for us.

There is a green button that says start free, and we need to click it.

In order to get the activation code of the free promo code that we apply, we need to type our active mobile to get the activation code that we applied.

Cloudways New Account

The next process is to activate our Cloudways account so that we are able to receive the email activation code, and we need to enter our credit card details to grant the application of our coupon code.

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Advantages of Cloudways

The Cloudways is considered to be the brightest in the Hosting service that you can enjoy so here are some lists of the benefits of the Cloudways:

  • Unlimited Application

It will be easy for us to install the application with a minimum of 15 so that it can help us to do our business to have a progress throughout the years.

  • Cloud Providers

The Cloudways is not costly so we can use the resources to learn new strategies for your business by just having the account in Google.

  • Dedicated Environment

It is always available so we can access the Cloudways services wherever we are.

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  • Comes with managed Security

The Cloudways has a high level of security so that your payment in the resources that you used will be able to receive by the Company. We will be able to be comfortable in availing the good quality of the Cloudways Services.

  • Cloudways Plans

The Cloudways has incorporated to the following lists in the plans to provide our needs, and we will be able to be satisfied with their services:

  • 24/7 Support

If we encounter the problems with the hosting plans, there is a professional team that is always available to give solution without hassle. We can have a live chat with the representative so that we can have knowledge the next time, we encounter the same technical problem, and we will not be going to the company.

  • Pay as you go

This is the option that can help us, the enhancement of our server, and we are going to pay for the number of resources that we used every month.

  • Free Migration

It is free if we want to have the services of migration by mentioning our website so you will not be able to encounter secured contents.

  • Unlimited Applications

It will be easier for us to install multiple applications with just one click.

The Cloudways was designed to make our life easier because it has the easy tools that we can use for our websites. Hence, the process to install the applications and get the Cloudways Promo Code has a simple process for our convenience.

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